Convert the old stodgy trade floors
to vibrant discussion centres

The prime goal of exhibitors at an event is to promote their booth and ensure maximum visitor interest in their products and services. The scope of connecting effectively with customers during an event is limited without a powerful event analytics tool.

A powerful event analytics solution can help exhibitors generate leads from an event and keep track of what’s trending during the event to better understand the visitors and optimize marketing efforts. Having on-the-go access to visitor statistics and other relevant information about an event will go a long way in helping you make important decisions on a future business partnership.

Exhibitor Problems

Who is in front of me?

It is important to understand your visitors better before starting a discussion with them to analyse how their requirements are feasible with your solution

Whom should I attend to?

The key to maximizing leads from an event
is deciding whom to attend to from the whole
lot of visitors you come across during
the event

Do I have enough pamphlets?

Carrying large numbers of pamphlets and business cards manually to the event venue is a major concern for exhibitors preparing for an event

See how recruiters in a job fair use EventPlus
to obtain a streamlined experience

“EventPlus helps me organize candidate
details I get from different job fairs in
seconds. I no longer have to spend long
hours struggling with my PC to get it
arranged. That’s such a relief!”

“I can analyse the behaviour and responses of candidates
visiting my booth. I don’t have to have to waste my time
with the wrong candidates anymore. Thanks to EventPlus!”

“I don’t have to collect and review heaps of paper
resumes anymore. With EventPlus I can evaluate
lumps of candidate data in a few clicks. Cool!”

“Oh! Is that all? Only 30% of the candidates visited
my booth this time? I better do
something about it before the next event.
I have never been aware of such details
before. EventPlus is amazing!