Create the Event Extraordinaire

The scope of all existing event management solutions ends at the event hall entrance. There are several challenges that organizers face during an event. With thousands of people attending and several challenges popping up, it’s just like puzzle falling into place and everything has to come together at the right time.

Event organizers are in need of a solution that will let them keep track of the ongoing activities during an event and make the event experience more topical, exciting and creative.

We understand your concerns

Increasing visitor engagement during events can be a daunting proposition for event organizers. There are a
series of concerns that keep organizers wondering on how to improve customer satisfaction on their
upcoming events

  • How many people are at the event floor now?
  • Do I have enough support staff?
  • What is trending at the event?
  • If I could get rid of these heaps of paper!
  • How can I get accurate statistics?
  • How can I make upcoming events better?

Realtime Dashboard

Analytics on visitor attributes