Enjoy an all new event experience

Technology at events isn’t about thousands of people walking around with their eyes glued on their phones. It is about making the best out of the time we spend at an event and building long standing business relationships. Without an efficient platform to help them handle data and activities at events, there will be seas of wandering visitors wasting their time in meetings with people who do not fit their requirements.

Here’s what happens with visitors after an event

You collect a handful of pamphlets and a pocketful of business cards, but never have a chance to enter the bulk of information from those into your contact list. A week later, you need to get back to one of those contacts and have to start searching through the piles.

You no longer have to do this again.

EventPlus does the heavy lifting for you.

Visitor Problems

Tired of pamphlets

Carrying and handling the large number of pamphlets that they get from the event venue is a major annoyance for visitors at an event

How to manage all these business cards?

Getting the data in business cards received from different events organized is an important requirement for those who attend multiple events frequently.

See how EventPlus creates a transformed
event experience at a job fair

“With EventPlus visitor rewarding
process is so easy! I can easily keep
track of the number of recruiters to
whom each candidate has forwarded
his/her resume. ”

“I don’t have to struggle with bundles of paper during
and after an event anymore. EventPlus brings it all
digitized and organized at my fingertips. Awesome!”

“I can keep the recruiters happy by giving them the exact
count and details of candidates who have shown an interest
in associating with their company. Thanks to EventPlus! ”