Hybrid Events

Experience the power of RTLS (real-time location systems) in an event through a physical and virtual environment simultaneously thus making Eventplus Hybrid, the first true hybrid event technology in the world.

See what you do with Eventplus even before an event starts.

Event Setup

Create the events by selecting the templates of your choice & publish them in any domain.


Eventplus provides a customized website & mobile application for the event.


Simple and user-friendly ticket creation console lets you generate tickets.


Promote the events through multiple channels like social media, e-mails and much more.

Ticket Analysis

Manage ticket sales through reports and other analytics of ticketing in real-time.

Check out the possibilities with Eventplus during an event.

Dual Entry Option

Enter an event hands-free via smart cards or QR code tag sensing and they also enter online through a single sign-on (SSO) virtually


Visit the booths according to visitors interests using the indoor navigation feature.

Live Agenda

Know the live conferences, keynotes & seminars and attend the same.

Real-time Booth Information

View the list of all visited/not visited booths including chat history.

Web and Physical Live tracking

RTLS technology help monitor the real-time location of visitors and crowd density in the physical and also online through Web RTLS.

Look at the ways through which Eventplus can bring value even after an event.

Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics help understand the visitors’ pulse by providing accurate information like user engagement & more. This data can help plan future events efficiently.


Hot and prospective leads can be identified based on how much they score on an exhibitor’s criteria. Enhance the rate of closing more deals through meaning collaborations.

Data Visualization

The data visualization feature helps to identify emerging trends and monitor them by comparing pre, live & post-event data. This data be can generate actionable insights.

Analytics Tools Integration

Integration feature with analytics tools helps event organizers get a detailed insight into the performance of an event to enhance the future planning process.

Post-event Marketing

Downloadable reports, visitor trends and other analytical data from an event will greatly assist in post-event marketing campaigns and also plan better future events.