Hybrid Event 101: Top Promotion Strategies to Follow

The event landscape has undergone a lot of makeover in the last two years. The pandemic had forced the event industry to go off-grid for quite some period.


Hybrid Event 101: Top Promotion Strategies to Follow

The event landscape has undergone a lot of makeover in the last two years. The pandemic had forced the event industry to go off-grid for quite some period. Thanks to the evolving technologies, they were able to come back into action through online event platforms.

With the world slowly healing, the event landscape has begun to embrace the hybrid event culture. They promote virtual and in-person events, combining the best of both worlds. The hybrid event comes with many benefits including better accessibility for everyone wishing to join the event despite their geographical location.

The online reports suggest that around 75% of event strategists expect hybrid events to gain more traction in the coming years. With proper marketing strategies, you can draw a large number of visitors (in-person and online users) to a hybrid event. The article will thus deal with the promotion strategies required to make this happen. 

# Predetermine the Event Goals

Set up your goals before you begin your event marketing strategies. Outline the kind of virtual and in-person visitors you expect to attend the event. Determine what you expect during the event registration and induce the ROI you wish to collect for the event. Communicate with the team during every stage of the marketing strategy and adopt the best measures for event promotion.

# Unique Landing Page for Unique Events!

The event landing page should be designed in a way to upscale the registration rate. A successful event landing page has captivating designs and highlights the event information in detail. The user should be able to decipher everything about the event, including the event date, its purpose, and its scope by looking at the landing page. Keep the page keyword optimized and add in a simple and easy registration form. A convincing ‘call to action’ will be an added advantage.

# Create a Tier Ticket System

The tiered ticketing process will attract more visitors to the event. You can employ different categories of tickets with their own respective prices. The different tiers will give the visitors the opportunity to choose between them and select the kind of event experience they wish to be a part of. You can employ exclusive features for all the different categories of tickets. Tiered ticketing also offers affordable tickets for the audience. 

# Showcase The Speakers of The Event

Showcasing your influential speakers is one of the brilliant ways to promote an event. One of the many attractive elements in an event is the distinguished speaker sessions. Leverage this idea and list out all your speakers, with appropriate details, on the event page. Make sure to add the speakers’ pictures too on your landing page. 

# Social Media Platforms and Hashtags

As you are aware, social media is an incredibly powerful platform to share any type of information. To reap the benefits, ensure to post event details progressively on the platform. While clearly mentioning the event details, focus on the many advantages of attending the event including endless possibilities of networking. If possible, add testimonials from your previous events to add credibility to the posts. 

Creating a distinctive hashtag for the events will scale the content reach. You can also add some commonly used hashtags ( related to the event industry) to get more audience reach. 

# Teaser Videos to Spike Visiter Interest

Teaser videos are a great way to offer a sneak peek into your upcoming event. Keep the videos short and interesting. You can release a series of teaser videos by focusing on different aspects of the event. The videos can focus on any of the details, from the event venues/platforms to clips of speakers offering an overview of the sessions. 

# Pop-ups to Notify the Upcoming Event

Using pop-ups on websites is a smart way to get the attention of users who visit your page frequently. The pop-ups can divert visitors’ attention to the landing page containing all the event details and the registration forum. It is also feasible to integrate a sticky bar at the top of the web page with a ‘call to action’ that redirects users to the landing page. 

# Employ Email Marketing

A well-planned email campaigning strategy will effectively increase your audience reach. Craft simple and on-point emails and send them to your target audience. Mention the event details and also add in the detailed instructions for signing up for the event. Ensure to send up-to-date reminder emails as you approach the event date. 

# Choose a Successful Event Platform

Always choose a platform that meets all your hybrid event requirements. You would need a solid platform that supports all of your planned marketing strategies. It should also offer an uninterrupted event experience and should come with in-built marketing tools. 

The hybrid event landscape will continue to grow in the following years. Event marketers should grab this opportunity to effectively promote their events and earn more ROIs. 

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