Create the Event Extraordinaire

既存のすべてのイベント管理ソリューションは、イベントホールの入り口でその役目を終えますが、イベント開催中に主催者が直面する課題はいくつもあります。何千・何万もの人々が参加し、問題が発生すると、パズルのように、すべての事象に対して適切なタイミングで統合的に解決しなければなりません。 イベント主催者は、イベント中に発生している様々なアクションの全てを把握することで、イベントをエキサイティングでクリエイティブなものにすると共に、様々な問題を解決するソリューションを必要としています。

Know your visitor in real-time to serve them better.

Gain prompt access to details about customers visiting the booth so that you can focus better on their exact requirements

Digitized Card & Pamphlet exchange

Forget the vexation of carrying heaps of business cards and pamphlets to the event venue. Get it digitized and exchange it smartly with a few clicks

Generate more leads and increase the engagement.

Span the growth of your business by reaching out to customers more effectively and analysing customer behavior and responses


Would you like to contact someone you met at the event? With EventPlus you can easily get the cards and pamphlets that you need at your fingertips


Finding it difficult to locate a booth that you would like to visit? EventPlus can show you the path on your smartphone.

Context based lead management

Manage your business leads productively with minimal effort through automated contact collection and event-wise data categorization.

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