Online Event

Experience real and life-like events in a virtual space using state-of-the-art web-based RTLS (real-time location systems) technology with Eventplus Online.

See what you do with Eventplus even before an event starts.

Event Setup

Create the events by selecting the templates of your choice & publish them in any domain.

Event Branding

Eventplus provides a customized website & mobile application for the event.

Ticket Creation

Simple and user-friendly ticket creation console lets you generate tickets.

Event Promotion

Promote the events through multiple channels like social media, Emails and much more.

Ticket Analysis

Manage ticket sales through reports and other analytics of ticketing in real-time.

Check out the possibilities with Eventplus during an event.

Single Sign-On Option

Enter an online event with ease using the single sign-on feature which saves time and effort for the visitors.

Live visitor tracking

Track visitor footfall and their interests virtually with real-time reports of booth visits and more.

Interactive Agenda

Know the live conferences, keynotes & seminars and attend the same.

Virtual Heat Maps

Get insights into the crowd density of visitors to know the pulse of the event.

Meeting Rooms

Meet potential customers in personalised and confidential meeting rooms to conduct productive business discussions.

Look at the ways through which Eventplus can bring value even after an event.

Visitor Analytics

Visitor Analytics help understand the visitors’ pulse by providing accurate information like user engagement & more. This data can help plan future events efficiently.

Lead Generation

Hot and prospective leads can be identified based on how much they score on an exhibitor’s criteria. Enhance the rate of closing more deals through meaning collaborations.

Data Visualization

The data visualization feature helps to identify emerging trends and monitor them by comparing pre, live & post-event data. This data be can generate actionable insights.