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The scope of all existing event management solutions ends at the event hall entrance. There are several challenges that organizers face during an event. With thousands of people attending and several challenges popping up, it’s just like puzzle falling into place and everything has to come together at the right time.

Event organizers are in need of a solution that will let them keep track of the ongoing activities during an event and make the event experience more topical, exciting and creative.

The Eventplus Difference

Eventplus is a virtual event management platform that integrates IoT and data analytics tools to create one inspiring virtual experience. And the result is online events that haven’t felt this immersive, exciting, and real like before.

Feel the pulse of the visitors

Eventplus helps to understand the visitors’ pulse by providing accurate information like users’ interest, engagement, satisfaction level, etc. You can use this data to analyze current trends and plan future events accordingly.

Obtain authoritative event analytics

With EventPlus, you can get accurate analytics on the number of people attending the event at any point in time, the number of people at each booth, and the visitors’ entry-exit statistics.

Intuitive event planning

EventPlus helps you take advantage of the past event’s data to analyze the latest trends and plan to get a definite idea of where to invest and how to channelize your marketing efforts while planning an event so that you can make the future events better, engaging, and productive.

Derive maximum benefits from each event

Analyze the latest trends and plan to get a definite idea of where to invest and how to channelize your marketing efforts while planning an event.

We understand your concerns

Organizing an online event is a challenge in itself, plus the series of concerns over visitor engagement can be taxing for event organizers. Eventplus helps organizers tackle these concerns and give a chance to connect with event-goers in new, powerful ways.
Get a real-time headcount of participants on any event floor at a particular time.
Now you can organize virtual events with lesser support staff than before.
Eventplus helps you stay on top of everything happening at the event, from what is trending to what is not.
Say goodbye to those heaps of paper. You can now organize everything digitally.
Keep tabs on everything going on your event, event success, and participant’s satisfaction.
Analyze the data from the previous event and attendees’ satisfaction to deliver your future events’ personalized customer experience.

Realtime Dashboard

Take control of every aspect of your virtual events with Eventplus’ realtime dashboard. The data visualization helps to identify emerging trends and monitor efficiency by comparing past data and real-time information. The database is automatically updated with the most current data from the events.
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