A Simple Guide to Securing Sponsors for Events

At most times, organizers have to tap into all the resources available to ensure success for their events. With all the crucial planning you have done, you now have a genuine event layout.


At most times, organizers have to tap into all the resources available to ensure success for their events. With all the crucial planning you have done, you now have a genuine event layout. But to bring it into action, you need access to proper funding. Getting sponsored is the best way to make sure that you have the optimum financial resources for the event. Since a good sponsorship relationship should benefit both parties involved, you would need a proper strategy in place.

Studies have shown that around 90% of B2B event organizers consider getting sponsorship as one of the greatest challenges they face while planning events.

To assist all the event organizers out there, we have compiled a list of strategies to follow for successful sponsorship opportunities. Read the following content and find out the best ways you can scale your event sponsorships.  

How to Get Event Sponsors?

#First things first, create a fantastic proposal!

Your first step to finding the perfect event sponsor includes creating a unique proposal. Provide information that is specific to your organization and give them a clear picture of what you do. You can build an emotional connection with the sponsors by telling them about your beginnings and what mission you wish to accomplish through your work. Be straightforward in what you wish to convey. Make sure to hint about your customer demographics, so that you and your potential sponsors have a common goal and they can benefit from investing in your event. Also, your event sponsorship proposal should give sponsors a clear idea of the respective areas their funding would cover. 

All this clear-cut information will make your proposal stand out and get you the sponsors’ attention.  

#Learn everything about your potential sponsors

Before you submit your proposal, make sure you gather all data about your sponsors. Scour their social media pages and other online sites and learn the trending news about them. See what is new in their organization, what are the latest events they are associated with, and if they are planning to launch any new products or services. If they are trying to launch a new product or service, make sure you highlight your event as the perfect opportunity to showcase their new releases.

#Offer genuine incentives for sponsors

One of the best ways to build a strong connection with your sponsors is to offer them effective incentives through your event. For instance, add the sponsor logo on all of your promotional materials, including event banners and flyers. Also, if you are planning to conduct a trade show, make sure you get a free booth for your sponsors. Another interesting thing that you can do is give a quick shoutout to your sponsors on your blogs and social media posts and even offer event discounts to customers who have signed up for sponsors’ services. 

#Start with a small deal

This strategy is applicable only when you are looking for multiple sponsors. Since sponsoring an event comes with a lot of risk factors, you may ask for a small share for a small percentage of the incentive. This type of event sponsorship package ensures that the sponsors don’t have a huge financial burden in case the event doesn’t come off as expected. This also gives your potential sponsors an opportunity to learn about your organization and even decide if they wish to continue working with you, all the while keeping their finances safe. 

#Share previous event data 

Add previous event KPIs to make your proposal more credible. Let the sponsors know the benefits they can attain from supporting your event. For instance, it would be a great idea to add information about your active community members, the revenue you generated from previous event promotions, event check-ins v/s registrants ratio, visit-to-purchase rates, and some info on your target audience. 

#Your social media presence matters

After the sponsors review your proposal, there is a very good chance that they check your social media pages. This is an easy and effective way for them to see your connection with your target audience and decide if you could deliver what you have promised them. Your social platforms allow the sponsors to see if you regularly post content and how well your audiences are engaged by them. A strong social presence will always add more value to your proposition. 

#Find out whom to contact 

Even if you have prepared a killer event profile, you still need your proposal to reach the right hands. Always make sure you find out who handles the communication and the marketing division of your potential sponsors and forward them your proposal. Explore the organization’s social platforms and find out the names of the right people and send them your emails. 

Hope this list helps you find the perfect sponsor or sponsors for your next event. Since you have one item checked off your event planning list, have fun organizing a very successful event.



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