Hybrid Event Trends that will Shine in 2022

The year 2022 is going to be a revolutionary time for the events industry. The past few years witnessed the event sector transitioning into its new phase amidst the restrictions posed by the pandemic.


The year 2022 is going to be a revolutionary time for the events industry. The past few years witnessed the event sector transitioning into its new phase amidst the restrictions posed by the pandemic. From in-person events to virtual, and hybrid events-the industry has undergone some big makeover since 2020. On further analysis of the event trends, it is clear that the hybrid model is still going strong and will continue to be a big part of the event sector for years to come.    

The latest data on the event sector suggests that around 73% of event planners believe hybrid events will be more popular in the coming years. 

Since it is clear that we will be seeing more hybrid events now than ever, let us take a look at some of the interesting hybrid trends in 2022.     

#Higher traction of the hybrid model and micro-events popularity

The hybrid model will pick up more traction in 2022, owing to the popularity it received back in 2021. A good percentage of event managers across the world wish to retain the hybrid event features even after things go back to normal. Since it combines the best of physical and virtual event factors, the hybrid model will always have its place in the event sphere. The new year will also witness hybrid events as part of the PR game, by scaling attendee participation and bringing in more sales leads.

Hybrid event platforms enable businesses to conduct events of any size with very little effort and more efficiency. This factor has sparked the rising popularity of micro-events over large-scale events. These focused micro-events are likely to be conducted frequently unlike the annual colossal events. 

#Higher investment in the event technology and data collection practices

The limitations posed by the pandemic encouraged the events industry to adopt efficient strategies to ensure its survival. Since then, the event market has witnessed steady growth and the investment in event technology has also scaled up.    

The hybrid events offer incredible scope in data collection, including visitor data, marketing data, and more. 2022 will witness more integration of features in hybrid events, apart from surveys and statistics, to facilitate data collection. 

#Popularity in hybrid recruitment practices

The ever-increasing popularity of remote working ignited by the pandemic has ensured the companies have access to an international pool of candidates. To promote safety in these tough times, many companies have resorted to hybrid recruitment events. 2022 will see a steady increase in the number of international career fairs powered by the hybrid model.  

#Connecting remote workforce through hybrid meetings

The remote working system following the pandemic offered employees the comfort zone of their homes but it disconnected them from the face-to-face workplace experience. To promote the company work culture, many businesses have initiated hybrid internal meetings. These hybrid events enable employees to connect with their colleagues and be in touch with their cherished workplace culture. 

#More hybrid academic conferences

In the earlier days, conducting an academic conference forced universities to spend huge sums of money. They had to pay substantially for the speaker’s travel and accommodation, event venue, and more. But with hybrid events, they can get the speaker/speakers to join virtually, thereby saving costs on the event. The hybrid events also facilitate more attendee inclusion, allowing the events to scale globally. 

#Higher audience diversity in trade expos

A lot of the trade expos have shifted to hybrid models recently. The virtual aspect of the hybrid event ensures more event exposure and audience diversity. People from different industry sectors get to be part of the hybrid event expos and it garners more leads and prospects for businesses. 

Draw Inspiration from these Top Hybrid Events!

  • #FinCon21– This digital marketing event focused highly on networking between in-person and virtual attendees and featured a hub, offering exhibits and video booths, accessible for both types of visitors 
  • Empower21– This hybrid conference offered the virtual and in-person attendees to connect through a digital platform, giving them the opportunity to seamlessly view event agendas, speaker profiles, and more 
  • TwitchCon– The event prompted flawless networking between the online and in-person attendees through real-time engaging activities
  • Apple Special Events– Apple has been experimenting with hybrid events lately to showcase its new products and technology. These events, streamed globally, brings higher attendance and more event exposure    

These latest hybrid trends will encourage the event specialists to integrate innovative ideas into their event strategies. These trends also suggest that the event industry will once again embark on a new phase and hopefully enjoy its success streak in years to come. 

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