Hybrid Events- Streamlining Activities on the Day of the Event

Engineering a successful hybrid event is no simple task. Event managers spent hours and hours on research, followed by a fool-proof strategy to kick start these events.


Engineering a successful hybrid event is no simple task. Event managers spent hours and hours on research, followed by a fool-proof strategy to kick start these events. As hybrid events bring virtual and in-person attendees under one exclusive platform, the event managers have the crucial task of engaging all types of attendees, along with bringing value to the event sponsors and the exhibitors. Since hybrid events have a higher reach, it is essential for event marketers to leverage the opportunity without fail.  

In a survey among the event marketers, more than 80% of them agreed that greater audience reach is one of the premium attributes of hybrid events. 

Since every thoughtful plan has the tendency to go off-track at the last moment, we have composed a list of tasks to be done on the day of the event to avoid last-minute hiccups. 

# Check out both the virtual and in-person platforms

 Before the event starts, make sure to set aside time to do a quick tour of both in-person and virtual event spaces. This final check-up will help you ensure all the elements are in place and you do not encounter any glitches once the event begins. This is also one of the best ways to make sure your team is also familiar with the exact location of all the event components. Look into your virtual event platform and see if it is all ready to host the event and engage the online attendees.

When it comes to the in-person venue, scan the conference rooms and the sessions rooms. Also, make sure to survey the breakout rooms and other dedicated spaces in your virtual platform. 

# Coordinate with the AV team

The AV (Audio-Visual) team plays an integral role in any hybrid event. Their contributions are essential to seamlessly connect both the virtual and in-person aspects of the hybrid events and to ensure the event’s success. 

Before the event begins, schedule a meet with the AV team and make sure everything is ready from their end. Express your concerns and even work with them to resolve any last-minute technical errors. Build a rapport with the AV team and kick off your hybrid events. 

# Ensure your attendees are having fun

Engagement is the primary key to an event’s success. Since the online event platform allows the virtual and in-person attendees to connect effectively, make sure to efficiently leverage your virtual platform. Your end-to-end platform should be well equipped to entertain all of your audiences – virtual and in-person audiences, sponsors, and speakers. 

Make sure to have a strategy in place to engage your hybrid event attendees.

Use a virtual platform that enables private and group chatting between the attendees. The messaging feature will help the audience to seamlessly interact with each other and know each other better. Use breakout rooms and more spaces to host private discussions.

Employ gamification features and even reward your attendees for participating in these friendly competitions. Do not forget about your sponsors. Make sure you have their brand logos and other ads displayed at feasible locations. 

# Promote your sponsors

Sponsorships bring credibility and revenue to your hybrid events. Make sure your sponsors get their value from your event. You can integrate sponsor sessions and even add online and physical booths dedicated to your sponsors. Adding banners and including updates with sponsor info are a few of the smart techniques to bring more exposure to your sponsor’s brand. 

# Effectively use the social media platform

Use social media channels to promote all bits of your hybrid events. You can use the platform to create hype for the event by sharing photos and sneak peeks of your event. Start your social media promotion a good number of days before the event, and continue your marketing efforts even after the event ends. 

Create a hashtag for the event and encourage the event attendees to use it while posting event content online. Regularly update your social media pages with attractive event content. This will help you garner attention and attendance to your upcoming events.

We hope the above information was helpful. For your next hybrid event, you can use the above tips to streamline your tasks. Apart from the above information, we would encourage you to use your hybrid event platform to host post-event on-demand content. You can upload session recordings and other event content on your event platform and encourage the audience to share them.

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