6 most important items needed to conduct an online event successfully in 2021

The settings and equipment requirements for an online event need careful evaluation. To deliver a comprehensive event experience and to reach attendees wherever...


successful online event

The settings and equipment requirements for a hybrid event need careful evaluation. To deliver a comprehensive event experience and to reach attendees wherever they are, you would require the right technology and tools of the trade.

Here are the 6 most important items listed below:

1.  A good internet connection

The first and most important item necessary for online events is stable internet. This is the most crucial element as it will determine the tone of the event. Bad internet means stutters, buffering and page reloading which means a very less impressive and mediocre event experience.

2. Camera

For high-quality videos, make sure that each of your streaming camera equipment supports at least HD. Using a tripod will help stabilise the camera and allows the frame of the image you wish to capture.

3. Lighting

In a virtual event, you really need to light up your surroundings. Try placing the light source in front of the speaker, and not behind. Good lighting can brighten up the whole ambience.

4. Webcam

Almost all of the computers and laptops come with built-in webcams that can be used for all virtual events. But having a standalone webcam can improve the video quality considerably for the remote participants.  

5. Microphone

To capture the best sound, use a high-quality microphone, such that the sound of the speaker is loud and clear for the online attendees. 

6. Support

Organising an online event can sometimes get really messy if you don’t have an efficient support team on standby. 

6.a. Audio support

Adding an audio support team that ensures the sound broadcasting is checked for both types of attendees. Also, provide the option for the support team to mute and unmute participants to avoid out of turn conversations.

6.b. Video support

Assign a video support team that ensures that switching from video to slide to the presenter or vice versa is done smoothly and flawlessly for the remote attendees. They must ensure that the virtual audience should be able to see the slide on full screen with the presenter in a thumbnail if required. When finished, screen sharing must be stopped, and it should be switched back to the presenter on camera.

6.c. Platform support

An event platform that supports online events with user-friendly and engaging features is the key. Make sure the visitors and speakers can be able to navigate conveniently, plus it should have interactive options like polls, raise hand, emojis, Q&A while ensuring that your platform has the capacity to support a large number of attendees.

All of the above tips can help you set up a world-class online event pretty easily. Sooner or later, with the upcoming concept of hybrid events which mix online and physical, being strong in the online events space helps you adapt much easier at the advent of hybrid events.



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