The profound impact that online event solutions like eventplus can bring to children’s wellness and development

It’s been over a year since a novel virus rocked the world off its shoes totally disrupting daily lives. But, over this period...


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It’s been over a year since a novel virus rocked the world off its shoes totally disrupting daily lives. But, over this period, we’ve also seen how companies and businesses across all industries adapt to a new normal which might not be so bad after all. We’re talking about how beneficial moving a lot of our physical processes and tasks online has been. 

That being said, while mainstream events like expos, conferences and other large scale events have gone online with online event management tools like eventplus, this necessarily hasn’t addressed the need of how kids and school students can connect during this season of ‘quarantine’. 

According to a report by NBC News in December 2020, emergency rooms have seen a 24% increase in mental health-related visits from children ages 5 to 11 compared to last year. The increase among older kids is even higher at 31%.

To address this seemingly trivial yet very crucial part of the development and mental well-being of children, eventplus has diversified its offerings to schools & educational institutions and the response was overwhelming.

Eventplus just this past week had hosted a live school re-opening day ceremony for a prominent school in India and it brought together all the students, teachers and other staff members in one place for a very lively, energetic and memorable day in the school year; like it’s supposed to be with or without a pandemic. The feedback that Eventplus’ team received after this event got over was the one that really touched their hearts and made them think about how much of a positive and uplifting impact eventplus can bring to people’s lives. 

With this renewed hope and uplifted spirits to tackle an ongoing pandemic, eventplus is ready to take on more events like these for schools and educational institutions while also at the same time, proactively hosting world-class global events across the globe.
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